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Anonymous Asked: im watching the last two episodes.... O_0

ohh, that’s good for you anon. well, i still stuck at episode 7, i think?


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Actually to be frank I had stopped watching Operation Proposal. I stopped at episode 6 because I was busy with life and so on. But I will spend my whole Friday watching it! Don’t worry. Episode 16 will be the ending, right? Will Baek Ho & Yi Seul be together? Hahaha. 


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Anonymous Asked: did Yi seul really died? do you know the ending of the japanese version? i really can't wait for the next week's episodes.. T_T

Hah, I did not watch the Japanese version, so I’m not pretty sure. Episode 15 is out with subs now! Waiting for Episode 16 to be subbed ^^



Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin with the producer ^^

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